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Monday, June 28, 2004

Very tired today

The transmission is in the Subaru. The job's not finished for a couple parts that had to be ordered. It was lots of hard work. Son Noah and I worked Saturday and Sunday getting everything back together. I'm sunburnt and cranky and my schoolwork didn't get done.

So that leaves me tonight to research and write a paper and try to get the yard mowed. And I've got to get a part ordered for Lily's car. And do my paying work too. There's lots of that today.

And the boy did something really, really stupid over the weekend that may put the planned trip for his summer break out of the question. You see, Lily was out of town at her grandmother's and he finds Heather, her best friend to hang out with Friday night. Pretty soon after that potentially relationship breaking complications occur. Heather's willing to leave it unsaid with Lily, Noah's taking the "gotta tell the truth no matter how painful" tact and so he may be girlfriend-free after Wednesday night when he gets home from Job Corp. Serves him right if that's how it turns out.

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